A pilot project was conducted with a mission to Kabul from November 13 to November 22, 2007, in order to prepare for the photographic field work scheduled for 2008.  Meetings were conducted at: the Afghan Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism; the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul; the Kabul National Museum; the Kabul office of UNESCO; the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Afghanistan; and Afghan Culture House. During the stay, vital information was gathered about the situation for cultural heritage, as well as the current strategies and priorities for cultural heritage protection and museum operation in Afghanistan. In addition, a number of suitable localities were identified for the photographic field work.

The most important results from the pilot project were:

  • Full endorsement from the Afghan Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism  and a written recommendation of the Project by Deputy Minister Mr Omar Sultan.

  • An agreement with The Kabul National Museum (KNM), outlining the transfer of knowledge related to documentary photography to KNM staff and their involvement in field work; as well as the production of a photographic exhibition to be shown at KNM and at the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology at NTNU, Norway.

  • Some 4,000 photographs, documenting cultural heritage and cultural settings, landscapes and people in Kabul and the villages of Istalif and Toop Darra.